18: Paul McGillivray on automation software and purposeful work

Season #1 Episode #18

Paul McGillivray runs http://remote.online (remote.online), an automation software business. I’m excited to bring this interview to you because Paul is an advocate of using technology as a means to enhance the human experience. We discuss how software can increase productivity, the difference between being efficient and effective and the importance of having purpose in work so we make a difference in the world.  Paul’s vision for the future is an exciting one – the rapid advancement of technology means we need to think differently about how we interact with it and use it to serve society. The more technology expands, the more I think we need to be purposeful in our use of it and purposeful in everything we do – in our personal and professional lives, as well as considering the legacy we want to leave in the world. Technology can help us enormously if we stop getting distracted by meaningless activities.  How can you use technology as a force for good in your own life, and create a sense of purpose in the wider world? http://www.judejennison.com/ (www.judejennison.com) in partnership with https://birmingham.tech/ (birmingham.tech)