12: Amardeep Gil from Trowers and Hamlins on the impact of technology on leadership and law

Season #1 Episode #12

Amardeep Gill is a Partner at https://www.trowers.com/ (Trowers & Hamlins) law firm. He specialises in commercial law in the tech sector. He talks about the ethical issues of technology and law, the need to be forward-thinking and flexible in our approach to how we use technology to support our human experience. We discuss the ethical, moral and social issues of technology and how we apply it and what that means both for lawyers and for us as human beings in a world of technology. I’m struck once again by the need for us as consumers and businesses to take responsibility for how we use technology. I’m not convinced we’ve realised that we have that responsibility. I have personally always assumed that the designers of technology have that responsibility but if you look at how we use many tech products and services, they have gone in different directions, often driven by the consumer. I think we need to start considering the moral, ethical and social issues of how we both individually and collectively use technology. What do you think? http://www.judejennison.com/ (www.judejennison.com) in partnership with http://www.birminghamtechweek.com/ (www.birminghamtechweek.com)