9: Chris Blackwell from Purpose Led Performance on technology, purpose and performance

Season #1 Episode #9

Chris Blackwell from Purpose Led Performance specialises in helping business growth by getting clarity on their purpose to drive performance. He explains the importance of finding the balance between investment in technology and investment in people - specifically purpose, ambition, culture and talent. He explains how the traditional approach of cost-cutting in a recession is counter-productive and a focus on purpose-led performance can innovate a company for future growth. Chris really demonstrates that technology is there for a purpose and that it’s the human beings who make the decisions about that purpose. Having a purpose is about being clear where you are going and ensuring that there is clarity for everyone to align around. Chris demonstrates with his own experience that technology can help us find people who are aligned with our purpose and we are stronger when we collaborate together around it. What’s the purpose in your organisation? How can you use technology to create a shared purpose and alignment? http://www.judejennison.com/ (www.judejennison.com) in partnership with http://www.birminghamtechweek.com/ (www.birminghamtechweek.com)