7: Jill Palmer from Click Travel on collaboration, customer service and technology

Season #1 Episode #7

Jill Palmer is the CEO of Click Travel, an award-winning organisation providing online booking for business travel. Jill explains how collaboration is at the heart of her business, both externally with clients to include their feedback in how and what they deliver, as well as internally with her engineers and customer service advisors to ensure that technology, humanity and customer service interface seamlessly. Covid 19 was a major setback for the travel industry but Jill has picked up her business and her team remarkably. Jill’s enthusiasm for moving forward despite a major setback with her business is an inspiration for us all. She demonstrates the importance of balancing crisis management with a sense of purpose, as well as thinking strategically in parallel. She has steered her leadership team to adapt to a rapidly changing business context and I particularly loved the idea that engineers were encouraged to fail in their first week – encouraging innovation, creativity and a culture of fail quick and try again.  How do you collaborate with your customers to enhance the service you provide? What can you learn from failing quickly and recovering quicker? http://www.judejennison.com/ (www.judejennison.com) in partnership with http://www.birminghamtechweek.com/ (www.birminghamtechweek.com)