6: Alex Arundale from Advance on technology and culture

Season #1 Episode #6

Alex Arundale is the Chief People Officer for https://www.oneadvanced.com/ (Advanced). She explains how at Advanced, they are interested in hiring people based on their behaviour and encourages people to consider a role in the tech industry because ultimately it’s about working with people. She believes that technology is an enabler for humanity and the emotional connection of human beings is the driving force for developing tech and culture. I love Alex’s enthusiasm for both people and technology. She repeatedly talked about technology being an enabler for humanity, that it can enable conversations that might not have happened like black lives matter. And that the data enables us to make decisions about unconscious bias and mental health and that ultimately it enables us to care for people better.  How can you use technology as an enabler in your business to care for people? http://www.judejennison.com/ (www.judejennison.com) in partnership with http://www.birminghamtechweek.com/ (www.birminghamtechweek.com)