2: Avin Rabheru from Housekeep on customer experience and human needs

Season #1 Episode #2

Avin Rabheru is the CEO of Housekeep, the UK market-leading business for house and office cleaning. Avin explains how he took a structured approach to starting a business, the challenges of balancing human needs with technology and the need to define the culture retrospectively to put the heart into the business. He took a collaborative approach so the business can grow without relying on him. I’m struck by the careful consideration that Avin has given every step of the way with his business. Unlike many founders, he’s never lost sight of what he is trying to achieve and recognises the ethical dilemma of using technology to fulfil a human need whilst making a profit. It’s a delicate balance and Avin seems to have hit the sweet spot. Perhaps that’s part of the secret of his success. What human need does technology fill in your business? Where is the balance – on humans or on the tech?  and what might need to change? http://www.judejennison.com/ (www.judejennison.com) in partnership with http://www.birmimghamtechweek.com/ (www.birmimghamtechweek.com)