20: Mike Bristow on technology disrupting the property investment market

Season #1

Mike Bristow is CEO of Crowdproperty, a company using technology to disrupt the property investment market. Mike and his two co-founders were frustrated with how long it took to get investment for property development projects so they created a technology solution to resolve the problem. He explains how they are using technology to drive disruptive change in a market that was causing them considerable pain and he explains how and why they did it.

At the heart of everything Mike said, he is finding innovative solutions to problems, whether that is using technology, or building the business in Birmingham because there is more available and diverse talent than in London. He’s yet another great example of a non-tech founder running a tech business that resolves business problems. It’s not the tech that solves the problem though, it’s Mike and his co-founders whose whole approach is to not be defeated by the challenges they faced. There’s always a solution if we look hard enough!

What problems are you experiencing and how might you solve them in an innovative way that you’ve not previously considered?

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