21: Chris Blackwell on leadership, technology and the pace of change

Season #1

Chris Blackwell is the Founder and CEO of Purpose Led Performance, a consultancy business that works with medium-sized businesses on leadership, growth, performance and sustainability. He is also the co-lead for a tech accelerator, helping technology startups scale and grow as part of Birmingham Tech. Chris is honest about not being a tech native but he recognises that technology underpins everything we do in business. We discuss technology for non-techies, the pace of change, leadership, culture and much more.

It's fascinating that every business used to be run by people. Now it’s run by both people and technology. If we want to survive and thrive in business, whether as a small, medium or large business or a rapidly growing one, we need to develop both people and technology and we need to enhance the link between the two. I’m totally on board with Chris’ view that we need to develop the skills to lead distributed networks of people with different skills in order to innovate and lead change.

Where do you need to adapt and flex? How can you develop people better to adapt to the rapidly changing tech world we live in with the humanity and leadership skills to remain human in a world of tech? 

Topics covered:

  • Birmingham Tech
  • Technology business growth
  • Tech for no techies
  • Leadership culture
  • The pace of change
  • The importance of people in a technology business

Other free resources:

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