23: Jane Fallon on human centred design

Season #1

Jane Fallon is Head of Digital for the Midlands for a consultancy firm called Methods that creates human-centred design for the public and private sectors. She talks about the need to start with understanding the needs of the user in order to create digital services that work for humans. Our use of digital is growing exponentially so it’s great to hear how leaders like Jane influence the future of our humanity and ensure it is not overlooked in digital design.

The role of technology is changing. As digital is a fundamental part of everything we do in life and work, I love Jane’s idea that bringing together technology, anthropology and sociology enables us to understand what it is to be a human being in a digital world and what the tech needs to do to enhance our humanity. Jane also recognises the critical need to treat employees with the same importance as the customers and use emotions to engage and inspire those employees to do their best work.

Who in your team needs re-engaging and re-inspiring? 

Topics covered:

  • Birmingham Tech
  • Human-centred design
  • Digital and technology
  • Humility, creativity, collaboration, teamwork
  • Combining research, design, technology and humanity

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