24: Josh Winfield on technology, talent and innovation

Season #1

Josh Winfield is Head of Talent Visa for Tech Nation. Josh works closely with the government and tech businesses to support the immigration of tech talent to drive growth in UK tech businesses.  

I know Josh from a few years ago when he coached me on the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme. Josh is smart, forward-thinking and innovative and he understands startups having run his own business in his early twenties and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups too. Josh is a challenger so it’s good for me to be challenging him with the questions for a change! 

The growth of tech businesses continues to astonish me and it’s exciting to consider where it might go next. Tech is at the heart of every business and if we want to grow businesses, we need to consider how we use tech to create innovative solutions to human problems. Tech can be used as a force for good or we can allow it to control our lives.  

What problem are you currently experiencing and what innovative solution might tech provide? 

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