Innovating Humanity

Innovating Humanity

Hosted by: Jude Jennison

Exploring the intersection between technology, humanity and leadership. This podcast features interviews with Jude Jennison and technology leaders on how technology impacts our lives and who we need to be leaders in...


19: Mansata Kurang on virtual reality in mental health

Season #1 Episode #19

Mansata Kurang is the founder of VR Revival, a company helping underrepresented Adults, particularly from the black and Caribbean communities, in mental health using Self-Compassion Virtual Reality technology, as well...
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18: Paul McGillivray on automation software and purposeful work

Season #1 Episode #18

Paul McGillivray runs http://remote.online (remote.online), an automation software business. I’m excited to bring this interview to you because Paul is an advocate of using technology as a means to enhance the human...
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17: Weipoint on using technology to diversify cultural heritage

Season #1 Episode #17

Dr Wei Wu and his team Harriet and Lottie run Weipoint, a technology business based in Birmingham providing cultural heritage information for people interested in the city of Birmingham. The team recognise the...
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16: Kim Leary on using technology to underpin business and culture

Season #1 Episode #16

Kim Leary is the owner of https://squibble.design (Squibble), a web design agency and Chair of https://birmingham.tech/ (Birmingham Tech week). We discuss the acceleration of technology to regenerate business growth...
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15: David Glenwright on using social media consciously

Season #1 Episode #15

David Glenwright is Head of Training and Special Projects at https://www.jcsocialmedia.com (JC Social Media), a social media and digital marketing agency. We discuss how history repeats itself on social media, and how...
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14: Ria Blagburn on smart buildings, emotions and mental health

Season #1 Episode #14

Ria Blagburn from Vanti talks about using technology in smart buildings in a way that makes life easier and enhances the human experience of the workplace. We discuss how remote working has been possible due to the...
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13: Oyinkansola Adebayo from Niyo Enterprise on empowering black women through technology

Season #1 Episode #13

Oyinkansola Adebayo is the Founder of Niyo Enterprise. Her businesses include upskilling black women out of poverty so they can be more empowered in the career and life choices. She talks about the demand for black...
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12: Amardeep Gil from Trowers and Hamlins on the impact of technology on leadership and law

Season #1 Episode #12

Amardeep Gill is a Partner at https://www.trowers.com/ (Trowers & Hamlins) law firm. He specialises in commercial law in the tech sector. He talks about the ethical issues of technology and law, the need to be...
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11: Bjoern Hirtenjohann from Microsoft on technology and culture

Season #1 Episode #11

Bjoern Hirtenjohann is the Public Sector CTO for https://www.microsoft.com/ (Microsoft). He explains how Microsoft have accelerated the move to the cloud computing for clients as a result of Covid. He also puts to...
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10: Birmingham Enterprise Community on building communities and creating connection

Season #1 Episode #10

Daniel Evans and Omran Aqbal from https://www.birminghamenterprisecommunity.co.uk/ (Birmingham Enterprise Community) talk about how technology can connect young entrepreneurs with support for starting and scaling up a...
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9: Chris Blackwell from Purpose Led Performance on technology, purpose and performance

Season #1 Episode #9

Chris Blackwell from Purpose Led Performance specialises in helping business growth by getting clarity on their purpose to drive performance. He explains the importance of finding the balance between investment in...
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8: Sian Gaskell from Cuban Eight on technology, PR and communication

Season #1 Episode #8

Sian Gaskell is the MD of Cuban Eight, a PR and communications agency specialising in B2B and technology. Sian works with fast-growing tech businesses and therefore has a broad view on how the market is shifting. She...
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