Lee Evans on working with fear and living your values

Season #1 Episode #21

Lee Evans is the founder of Mind Power Solutions and coaches the British Army’s leadership as well as elite athletes and business owners. He talks about how fear is the biggest challenge that every leader faces and how we need to change our relationship with it, moving from avoiding it to working through and with it. We also talk about finding your flow and the importance of self-awareness, especially when you are out of your comfort zone. Lee’s story of working in Afghanistan where he didn’t live his value around listening was such a powerful one and a reminder of how difficult it is to balance different values and be inclusive where others may have a different set of values. I echo his belief that living values is a courageous act and defining them without living and breathing them is worse than not defining them at all.  How well are you living your values? What happens when your values are at odds with those in your team?

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