Rebecca Mander on overcoming personal setback

Season #1 Episode #19

Rebecca Mander is the Founder of https://www.guruyoucoach.com/ (GuruYou coaching). As an executive coach, she specialises in supporting people in business who are undergoing personal setback. None of us are strangers to personal setbacks. We all experience challenges in life and work. Rebecca is an inspiring leader who has turned her own personal setback into a business supporting others.  I first met Rebecca two years ago and I invited her to share her personal story on this podcast. Her story is both heartbreaking and inspirational. She has applied what she knows and it works. I’m always struck by what it takes to bounce back from personal setback and how we all do it in different ways. Rebecca is one of the most warm-hearted, generous and giving people I’ve ever met. Her warmth always lifts a room. She’s a testament to the incredible human spirit and what we can overcome. The key thing is reaching out for support – something she does wholeheartedly as well as giving generously. I encourage you to do the same. What’s your biggest challenge and who might support you and give you a new perspective on it? www.judejennison.com