Sally Palethorpe on change management

Episode #11

Sally Palethorpe is the Managing Partner of Inspired Partners, a change management consultancy. She talks about the need to support leaders and organisations through change, using her Other framework which provides the skills needed to lead change. She explains the challenges of changing behaviour and why change programmes fail when we ignore the human beings behind the change. I loved Sally’s Other framework – tenacity rather than resilience. It’s so strange how we still refer to soft skills which are anything but. Some of the hardest skills we can develop are the soft skills. Empathy is tricky – too much empathy and you lose sight of what you are doing, too little and you lose people. Finding that perfect balance is one of the most difficult things you can do in change. How do you strike the balance of empathy and being human so you have the same clarity of direction in harmony with bringing people with you in a way that works for everyone? www.judejennison.com