Aaron McCormick on personal introspection, empathy, energy and joy

Episode #10

Aaron McCormick is one of my more unusual podcast interviews. Born on the south side of Chicago to a difficult background, he developed an incredible career by bucking every trend and refusing to conform. Instead, he listened to his intuition and inner guidance to be in the 1% of “Best of Best” in IBM as well as running his own tech companies. Aaron’s energy is infectious. I found myself smiling and nodding a lot because he speaks to the need for balance and the polarity and complications of leading our lives. Whilst he talks about listening to our inner guidance and not bowing down to external pressure, I personally know how difficult this is in practice. So many of us have learned to conform, to fit in and belong. If you’re not yet feeling in flow at work or in life, this podcast will encourage to spend more time introspectively. Where are you feeling out of balance? Where do you want more ease and flow? www.judejennison.com Aaron McCormick is the author of Unbounded - Journey to Your Within available from Amazon and other booksellers.