Denise Bobb on black engagement and change

Season #1 Episode #9

Denise Bobb is a highly established Portfolio Manager, leading complex change programmes for organisations across both the private and public sectors. I spoke to Denise about how we increase black engagement so that black businesses have a stronger voice as well as BAME employees not being overlooked in organisations. Denise makes it clear that a “spray and pray” approach to racism and black engagement is not going to cut it. She’s advocating a structured systemic approach to educate everyone and that it must be on the agenda of every organisation. We need to plan it in a structured way just as we would a project. The need for greater openness and a willingness to “get it wrong” is crucial if we are to have some of the difficult conversations that need to be had in every workplace and community. There’s lots to be done. What are you doing in your organisation to promote BAME leaders? What are you doing in your community? www.judejennison.com