Ahmed Farooq CFO of Wesleyan on diversity, ethnicity and role models

Season #1 Episode #8

Ahmed Farooq has been the CFO of Wesleyan Assurance for 5 years. He talks openly about his experience of being an ethnic minority leader in the workplace, about Ramadan, the vulnerability of being curious about other people and the discomfort of having honest and transparent conversations about race and diversity.  Ahmed is such an inspiration and a great role model for future generations. His blend of attention to detail and nurturing others demonstrates his range as a CFO and the ability to bring out the best in others. I’m always talking about expanding our range because the more well-rounded we are as leaders, the more effective we can be in different situations. Perhaps that’s the key to embracing difference too? The more we stretch into new ranges, the more we can acknowledge it in others. Where do you need to expand your range as a leader? How can you embrace diversity in the workplace more? www.judejennison.com