Piers Tincknell from Atomic Smash on failure as learning

Season #1 Episode #7

Piers Tincknell is the MD of AtomicSmash, a creative design agency. He talks about the need to adapt and see failure as part of the evolution of learning. He recognises that encouraging his team to learn, to innovate through trial and error is how the business can push boundaries and do great creative work through technology.  Piers has such a balance between the art and science of using technology for innovation and he recruits and develops his team in the same way. I’m fascinated by how we blend creativity and logic, left and right brain, to solve some of the problems in the world. With technology being a fundamental part of how we live and work, we need to continually be curious about the world we live in and have the humility to recognise when something is not working. How do you balance creativity and logic? Which one might need more attention in your work or your team? www.judejennison.com