Amanda Ling from SFM on transforming business culture

Season #1 Episode #5

Amanda Ling is the MD of SFM Limited. She talks about the challenge of transforming organisational culture when it is less tangible than transforming a business strategy. The way she runs her fascinating business shows the potential of focusing on people, profit and planet and how we need to integrate both critical logical thinking with the emotional connection of the heart. Amanda truly embodies holistic leadership. Amanda is clear that if we want to transform the business culture, we need to be open and honest. I loved her story of three people in a room telling three different stories about the same thing. That is so common in conflict where every perspective is valid and subtly different and how easy it is to misunderstand people. Perhaps if we all listened more beyond the words, we could eradicate conflict and misunderstandings earlier. So much easier said than done though don’t you think? How do you resolve differences of opinion?  What changes need to be made in the culture of your organisation for everyone to thrive and what’s your first step? www.judejennison.com