Corin Crane of the Black Country Chamber on diverse workforce

Season #1 Episode #3

Corin Crane is the Chief Executive of the Black Country Chamber and came in to shake up the Chamber for the modern-day. Corin has been CEO at the Chamber for almost 4 years, with a team of 31 people and a £2m turnover. The Black Country is one of the most diverse regions on the planet and Corin passionately champions that diversity.  The Chamber and Corin’s aim is to bring businesses together, find them new customers, new ways of working and shout when they are being held back or doing something amazing. I felt inspired after talking to Corin, confident that with the right energy and enthusiasm, regions can transform themselves for the future and business can too.  What’s the transformation that your organisation or team need to make to position you solidly for the future? www.judejennison.com