Elizabeth Cronin of New York Victim Services on adapting quickly

Season #1 Episode #2

Elizabeth Cronin is Director of the New York State Office of Victim Services. She was appointed in 2013 by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. She has had the most astonishing legal career, specialising in the prosecution of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse and sex crimes and worked closely with crime victims. She continues her work now leading the organization who support victims of crime. As such, she applies her own knowledge of people and human behavior to lead her team.  Elizabeth was the first person I interviewed for y previous podcast Leading through uncertainty, so it seems fitting that she kicks of this new podcast Rethinking Leadership Elizabeth is one of many leaders who have had to adapt rapidly to working remotely. What makes her work different to many though is the fact that her team are on the front line, supporting victims of crime, whilst dealing with the trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic on themselves and their families. The resilience and fortitude needed to do that is beyond my comprehension. How do you build resilience and fortitude in your team so you can adapt quickly, not just to Covid 19 but other disruptive change in the future? ©2020 www.judejennison.com