#22: Sope Agbelusi on inclusivity, race conversations and authenticity

Season #1

Sope Agbelusi is a leadership consultant and coach and founder of the business Mindset Shift and the podcast host of Everyday Leadership. We discuss the need for courage and vulnerability in order to be authentic and have an inclusive workplace. Sope outlines the steps needed to create an inclusive workplace and is clear that the conversation is just beginning.

I loved how Sope reminds us that creating an inclusive workplace and society doesn’t need to be a mountain to climb but to consider it a bridge to cross to create connection. That can fundamentally shift the way we approach it because when something feels enormous, there is a tendency to drop it and see it as too big a problem. Instead, the invitation is to look at which bridge we can build to support one person and one conversation.

Who would benefit from your ability to build bridges and create connection?

How might that shift the mindset, behaviour and culture in your organisation?