30: Tara Rule on curiosity, coaching and positive mindset

Season #1

Tara Rule is the Senior Director of Commercial Strategy Go to Market and Operations at Adobe, responsible for looking at how Adobe make smart commercial decisions. Tara manages to juggle her full-time role as a director in a fast-paced global business with launching a leadership programme, being a working mum as well as a professional coach. She talks about the importance of curiosity in leadership, the power of having a positive mindset without sugar-coating reality and how we need to look after our teams. And much more!

Tara is so inspirational. Her energy appears to be boundless and she seems to have worked out how to focus on what is critical so she can achieve many things without burning herself out. I also liked the fact that the leadership programme she has implemented doesn’t require one person to do everything. It spreads the load by including many people and enables leaders to collaborate, think creatively and be empowered to shape things.

How do you empower your team to be a part of the solution, both the design and the implementation? How could you take more pressure off yourself by not having all the answers?


Topics covered:

  • Coaching in business
  • Curiosity
  • Developing leaders
  • Working mum
  • Collaboration

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