31: Tony Langham on reputation management and changing behaviour

Season #1

Tony Langham is the Executive Chair and co-founder of Lansons, a reputation management and public relations firm based in London and New York. We discuss the importance of approaching reputation management as the way people perceive each other and companies. With an increased focus on ESG, Tony explains how companies need to change their behaviour to stay relevant. We also discuss anti-racism, balancing tension with comfort and much more!

I loved Tony’s explanation of balancing adrenaline and tension with comfort in order to create change, and engage employees (including yourself!) without leading to chaos and burnout. It’s a delicate balance that many organisations and leaders are grappling with today. It’s also good to hear a white male championing anti-racism and understanding the changes in behaviour that are required to do so. After 33 years of leading a business and a team, Tony really understands what makes people tick and goes the extra mile to make his organisation one of the UK’s Great Places to Work.

Where do you need to find more balance? What changes in your behaviour would make your team or organisation a great place to work?

Topics covered:

  • Reputation management
  • Behavioural change
  • Balancing adrenaline, tension and comfort
  • Anti-racism
  • Inclusivity
  • Purpose
  • Partnership

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