Rethinking Leadership

Rethinking Leadership

Hosted by: Jude Jennison

I'm Jude Jennison, Founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company, developing leaders and teams through disruptive change. I'm a bestselling leadership author of three books and I specialise...


Rebecca Mander on overcoming personal setback

Season #1 Episode #19

Rebecca Mander is the Founder of https://www.guruyoucoach.com/ (GuruYou coaching). As an executive coach, she specialises in supporting people in business who are undergoing personal setback. None of us are strangers...
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Rachel Fletcher from Ofwat on collaboration and problem solving

Season #1 Episode #18

Rachel Fletcher is the CEO of Ofwat, the water regulator for England and Wales. Rachel shares the challenges for the water industry of the increased demand for water and the expectations on the environment. She talks...
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Jess Lonsdale from Virgin Media on being human in the workplace

Season #1 Episode #17

Jess Lonsdale is Internal Communications Director for Virgin Media. We discuss the importance of engaging in dialogue in a crisis to stay connected to employees. We also discuss the vulnerability of emotional...
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Deb Leary of Forensic Pathways on innovation and trust

Season #1 Episode #16

Deb Leary is the CEO of Forensic Pathways, a business she set up in 2001 after overhearing a chance conversation at a police conference. Deb has built her business on innovation, designing products and services that...
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Rachel Repper on collaboration and COVID-19 response for NHS supply chain

Season #1 Episode #15

Rachel Repper led the COVID-19 response for the NHS Supply Chain. She was responsible for ensuring that hospitals had the right equipment to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. People’s lives literally depended on her...
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Jude Jennison introduces Innovating Humanity the official Birmingham Tech podcast

Season #1 Episode #14

Welcome to Rethinking Leadership podcast. I’m Jude Jennison, the host of this podcast and Founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company. I work with senior leadership teams to help them align...
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Jane Ashcroft CBE on care homes, listening and collaboration

Season #1 Episode #13

Jane Ashcroft is the Chief Executive of the Anchor Hanover Group, England’s largest not for profit provider of housing and care for older people. Jane was awarded a CBE in the 2013 New Year Honours for services to...
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Adrian Packer CBE on education and transforming schools

Season #1 Episode #12

Adrian Packer CBE is the CEO of the Core Education Trust, who run a number of academy schools in the Birmingham area. Adrian has a fascinating career, having started as a teacher at the Brit School, teaching pupils...
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Sally Palethorpe on change management

Episode #11

Sally Palethorpe is the Managing Partner of Inspired Partners, a change management consultancy. She talks about the need to support leaders and organisations through change, using her Other framework which provides...
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Aaron McCormick on personal introspection, empathy, energy and joy

Episode #10

Aaron McCormick is one of my more unusual podcast interviews. Born on the south side of Chicago to a difficult background, he developed an incredible career by bucking every trend and refusing to conform. Instead, he...
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Denise Bobb on black engagement and change

Season #1 Episode #9

Denise Bobb is a highly established Portfolio Manager, leading complex change programmes for organisations across both the private and public sectors. I spoke to Denise about how we increase black engagement so that...
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Ahmed Farooq CFO of Wesleyan on diversity, ethnicity and role models

Season #1 Episode #8

Ahmed Farooq has been the CFO of Wesleyan Assurance for 5 years. He talks openly about his experience of being an ethnic minority leader in the workplace, about Ramadan, the vulnerability of being curious about other...
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