A one hour webinar to explore the hidden dynamics of your team's performance


Hosted by Jude Jennison
Founder of LeadershipAcademy.Online 
Author, Speaker, Leadership Advisor to boards



Is your senior leadership team fully aligned

and ready for fast-paced change?

Even the most cohesive teams can find themselves derailed by the uncertainty of change. 

High workloads increase stress, changing priorities cause confusion and the frustration of unresolved differences of opinion creates tension and division in teams. 

High workload increases stress

Changing priorities cause confusion

Frustration from unresolved differences 

Join thousands of leaders and teams who have already benefitted from revealing the hidden dynamics of their non-verbal behaviour and discover how you too can use it to align your team, reduce stress, increase understanding and resolve differences of opinion with more trust and transparency so your team:

  • Is full of vitality and vigour, excited about possibilities
  • Has clear objectives, pulling seamlessly together in one direction
  • Knows exactly what to think, say and do to get the best from each other

What we will cover:

In this one hour session, I'll share the 12 hidden dynamics that make or break teamwork and provide tips on how to re-align, re-connect and reduce stress.

Align your team

Three critical roles to provide clarity, focus and accountability so your team executes efficiently

Improve vitality

Reduce stress, improve wellbeing and elevate the quality of conversation in your team

Increase understanding

Use 3 levels of awareness to improve understanding in the team and aid decision-making

Resolve differences

Explore the unconscious stories that create divides in teams and how to overcome them


About Jude

I’m Jude Jennison, founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company and creator of LeadershipAcademy.Online 

I specialise in developing leaders and teams at times of disruptive change and uncertainty. 

I've spent over a decade working with over 3000 leaders and teams to reveal the hidden dynamics of non-verbal leadership and team behaviour by working with my herd of horses.

Now I'm bringing what I've learned through experiential settings into the online space.

I’ve led teams for three decades, in the UK, Europe and worldwide, and I previously managed a budget of $1billion across Europe.

I'm the author of three leadership books, host of the Rethinking Leadership and Innovating Humanity podcasts and a regular speaker on leadership matters. 

Thinkers 360 listed me on the Top 100 B2B Global Thought Leaders you should follow in 2021.

I believe business can solve all the world's problems and that work should be purposeful, life-enhancing and fulfilling.

I'm a lifelong learner and I continually stretch out of my comfort zone to apply everything I know in my daily life and work in a way that is energising, fulfilling and purposeful. I'm committed to helping you and your team do the same.

What people say:

"For anyone with a team or looking to take on a team I would highly recommend connecting with Jude. Her insight into the dynamics of a team and how not to fail as a leader is incredible. With 60% of teams failing this is a very common problem within the workplace."

Stacey Catterall, General Manager, Revival Resourcing